Today sports emerge as multi billion dollar industry. The structural development of sports took place over the last 150 years. The state has an important role to play for the development of sports in any country. Active participation in sports reduces heath hazards, reduces the medical expenditure and encourages team work,Guest Posting coordination and cooperation. It also helps to create social networks. Sport can be considered as a platform to gain nation pride at the international level, to generate employment, to build infrastructure, to attract foreign tourist and therefore foreign capital. It can be said that sport contributes to the social development as well as the economic development of a country and therefore the role of state for the promotion and development of sports is important.

1982 was a landmark year in Indian sports when India organizes the Asian Games. Prior to 1982, hardly any emphasis had been given to sports in Public Policies. Funds had been allocated to sports in different Five Year Plans, mainly for building infrastructure and nurturing talents at the grass root level.

Five Year Plans

Thrust Areas

2nd Five Year Plan

Developing sports infrastructure

3rd Five Year Plan

Grass root developmental activities

4th Five Year Plan

Grass root developmental activities

5th Five Year Plan

Carried forward the initiatives of 4th Five Year Plan

6th Five Year Plan

Selecting and nurturing young sporting talents across the country

7th Five Year Plan

Building sports infrastructure at the grass root level

8th Five Year Plan

Consolidating the initiatives adopted in how much does mj weigh the 7th Five Year Plan by introducing a number of schemes, such as Special Area Games (SAG), Sports Project Development Area Centres (SPDA etc.)

9th Five Year Plan

Developing sports talents

10th Five Year Plan

Making the Comprehensive Sports Policy with three main objectives: “Sports for All”, “Excellence in Sports” and “Contingent Constitutional, Legal and Institutional measures to implement the policy”.

(Source: India…get, set, go… The evolving sports ecosystem in India, March 2010

:Ernst & Young)

An increase in allocation of funds for Sports in different Five Year Plans can be observed from the following table:

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